01. July 2018
If you're looking for a 3D printable filament spool there's now another option, the CarbonoidSpool: It's a hybrid design between the MasterSpool by Richard Horne and the SlantSpool by Slant3D (https://www.slant3d.com). There’s only one part in the design you have to print twice. It uses the same latching system like the SlantSpool (which we had to clone in Fusion360 because only the STL files are available). Every spool half has 6 filament attachment points for a total of 12! per...
05. April 2018
We've published the Carbonoid D1 3D printer as Open Hardware and all related software artifacts as Open Source. For details see the Documentation!
05. February 2018
Together with Jason Perkes from Flex3Drive we've developed a new version of the Carbonoid modular end effector.
03. August 2017
fila_switch is a simple filament switching device that allows you to do dual color prints with a single hotend. Now available in our store!
03. June 2017
We have developed a new version of the Carbonoid D1 end effector that has a much cleaner design but still maintains the great modularity and compatibility with many hot-end types. Currently the printers can be equipped with the following hot-ends: E3D V6 E3D Volcano Prometheus V2 DyzEND-X Original J-Head You can see more pictures of the new end effector in the gallery!
20. March 2017
Printed with Extrudr BDP Fichte (spruce) filament at 0.15 mm layer height. Print duration was ~12 hours.
13. March 2017
Rocktopus printed on Carbonoid D1 #0003 with black Extrudr Green-TEC filament.
13. March 2017
We've added fotos from all 4 prototypes that were build during development of the Carbonoid D1 3D printer.
25. February 2017
The Carbonoid D1 3D printer is now available from the shop!
05. November 2016
We showed the Carbonoid D1 printer at the TEDx Event organized by the European Business School in Oestrich-Winkel. At our small booth we had the all-carbon machine #0003 doing some live printing. More fotos of the event: https://goo.gl/photos/WjbYzzvat2U8kZFz6

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