Carbonoid D1 #0001

This is the 1st Carbonoid D1 prototype. It is 10cm shorter than the other prototypes and the only machine using 3 mm filament and a E3D Volcano hot end. Together with the 3 mm Bondtech QR extruder and the Volcano hot end, this setup allows to print flexible filaments - something that is normally hard for printers with a bowden setup.

Carbonoid D1 #0001 uses the newest SmoothieBoard rev. 1.1 controller, a 450W heated bed with Filaprint surface (older fotos show a 300W heated bed with PrintBite surface), a WiFi bridge to connect the controller to the network and a Raspberry Pi 3 running OctoPrint.

This machine uses the latest part iterations with glued triangles for improved stiffness. The printed parts were printed with Extrudr PETG and the end effector with FormFutura CarbonFil. The frame uses glossy carbon fiber tubes.