Carbonoid D1 #0004

The 4th prototype is very experimental and is used to try new things. On the 1st iteration it was build from aluminium tubes and printed parts made from Extrudr PETG & ColorFabb nGen filament. After a rebuild we've increased the machine height by 200 mm and also changed the aluminium tubes for carbon fiber tubes. The final machine's parts were printed with Extrudr Green-TEC filament. On this machine we're using a dual extruder / single nozzle setup. We've developed a filament splitter (fila_switch)that allows to change the filament during a print, but use only one hotend. The machine is equipped with an 0.8mm E3D Volcano  hotend, two Bondtech QR extruders (1.75 mm), a 230V/450W heated bed with a FR4 epoxy surface, a Cohesion 3D ReMix controller, 5x TMC2208 stepper drivers and a Raspberry Pi 3 running OctoPrint. This machine has a usable Z height of around 500 mm (depending on the used hotend).