Introducing the Carbonoid D1

The Carbonoid D1 printer is our interpretation of a delta robot 3D printer. It has a big build platform of 30cm diameter and a usable print height of around 30cm (depends on the hotend). The Carbonoid D1 was meticulously designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind.


The printer frame is build from carbon fiber tubes and printed parts made from PETG and Green-TEC. The carriages run smoothly on hardened steel shafts with Igus DryLin bushings.


For the filament path we use only high quality components like E3D hot ends and Bondtech QR or a Flex3Drive G4 extruders for reliable and absolute constant filament extrusion. The printer has an integrated spool holder that can be adapted to different spool diameters. We support 1.75 mm by default but 3.0 mm filament is available as an option.


The 32bit printer electronics is powered by SmoothieWare. We also offer the Carbonoid D1 equipped with a Duet controller running with RepRapFirmware. The stepper motors use fine 0.9° steps and are additionally equipped with motor dampeners for a reduced noise level during operation. An integrated inductive sensor helps to calibrate the printer and ensures that each print gets the important perfect 1st layer.


The Carbonoid D1 has a 230V powered high performance heated bed which heats up quickly. For the printbed we offer different surfaces like GFK FR4 or carbon. The perfect printbed surface gives you perfect part adhesion during prints and easy removal afterwards. With the right surface you won't need to use adhesives like ABS ink, blue tape, glue stick or hairspray. The prints will just pop off the bed when it's cooled down.